Reputation Lighthouse® guides companies to capture advantages from the ultimate differentiator in business – reputation. Increasing reputation can significantly impact key business initiatives such as purchasing decisions, referrals, hiring, and investments.

We go beyond reputation management to look deeper at the dimensions of reputation and the areas we believe influence them – Brand, Culture, Communication, Connections, and Insulation. We help companies identify areas of focus and ways to tweak initiatives that are likely already in play to provide the opportunity to architect reputation. We can then implement these initiatives for our clients, or show them how to succeed with their existing teams.


Brand is a leadership function and needs to be operational in order to recruit the best talent, deliver on promises, and deliver memorable experiences that create loyalty and equity.

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As important as knowing what to say, is knowing when to say it and where. Truly integrated communication takes into account a narrative for all stakeholders, the touch points where they engage, and alignment in delivery.

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People deliver on the brand promise and execute on the touch points of the stakeholder journey. Alignment of culture to the brand and an understanding of one’s role within the brand create true ambassadors.

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To deliver brand experiences and create loyalists, a company must create real connections with their stakeholders. Connections are touch points that include every opportunity you have to guide relationships and provide value.

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Having a good reputation and brand equity with stakeholders allows a company to better absorb adversity. However, there are initiatives a company can take that will better insulate the brand when reputational risks are high.

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