How can we help you?

Whether building up a reputation, protecting it, or merging cultures, great communication is key. We can help.

Internal stakeholders facilitate the brand promise and delivery of brand experience. Companies with cultures that align to the brand find it easier to create brand loyalty and equity with customers and also enjoy employee longevity.

Culture delivers the brand. And whether internal stakeholders are engaged or disenchanted reflects on the reputation of a company and ultimately the bottom line. The value of developing a culture that not only understands the brand but also has an active role in delivering it is essential to guiding reputation.

A brand culture is a work in progress and requires training and transparent communication, as well as protection when changes occur. We work with management teams to connect the culture to the brand, communicate for an aligned culture, position for recruitment, and provide training for activation.

Our scope of services is customized around where a company needs to focus its reputation efforts. Culture initiatives may include:

  • Culture development
  • Brand promise delivery
  • Brand activation training
  • Recruitment branding
  • Customer journey/Experience consulting
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting
  • Outsourced communication
  • Integrated communication
  • Internal communication
  • Change Communication